"For The Panj Piare I'm presenting new pieces from two continuing bodies of work.

The first: put simply, the Oculomancers are a series of ceremonial costumes designed to be worn by filmers during the production of performances and videos. They both produce and appear in my own work and that of others, being more or less prominent from project to project. The costumes are white and obscure the face of the wearer, leaving it unclear as to whether the filmer is being threatened or is threatening; whether the initiate or the initiating. The costumes invoke alleged pagan practices of killing witnesses to ceremonies and more modern forms of myth-making such as the 'snuff' film. In The Panj Piare the three Oculomancers are sentient, each one pointing its respective camera at the work of another artist in the exhibition.

The second: My Fellow Artists 7 is the latest in an ongoing series of works that obliquely or otherwise address artists that I happen to find myself operating alongside in group exhibitions or similar collective endeavours. Context and site-specific, the series varies in its use of media from entry to entry. My Fellow Artists 7 is ostensibly a documentary about the other three artists in The Panj Piare, produced in the weeks leading up to the exhibition, and will only be shown publicly on this occasion."