For the second Panj Piare I am showing four objects that have either been directly involved with a magic ritual or have amused some magical quality via there proximity to myself, the practicing magician. The tarot is perhaps the most potent tool I have experimented with. In its essence, the tarot is a representation of the human psyche in a set of visual archetypes. Some cards being
quite elemental, like the Emperor and the Empress, show mother
and father figures in their most rudimentary and traditional roles. But others such as the Female Pope and the World Dancer, show more esoteric, gender-bending figures. There is not a single person who
I have read tarot for that has not been disturbed by the results, certainly for myself I have found it insightful to an alarming degree. To paraphrase Algernoon Blackwood, I would liken a tarot reading to his description of a mystery from his tale The Heath Fire.

“...that kind of elemental terror that lurks secretly in all human beings. Guarded by culture, but never wholly concealed. The unwelcome thing made its presence known - the hint

of primitive dread that, for instance, great thunder-storms, tidal, waves or violent conflagrations rouse.”