The CVs were initially born out
of a ‘felt’ necessity to redeem my drawing activity once again, by adding knowledge to pleasure perhaps. Up until now, I have never shown more than one
at a given exhibition. For this exhibition, I have made an ‘up
to date’, two page
CV which in short takes as it’s point of arrival Gillray’s famous cartoon of Henry Dundas, who was infamously known for his role in obstructing the abolishment of the slave trade, and allusions to ‘western’ naval/maritime ‘crossing the line’ initiation rites.

The jumper my mum made. I quite like how the head juts forward, which was a happy accident;
the correct way to describe that occurrence would be to say that the jumper was puckered. I was going to call it 2puck, but soon after thought this was a bad idea.

In regards to the bottles, these
are based on things known as ‘passion bottles’. Very little is known about the people who
made the originals from which mine are based. The originals circulated around cathedrals in France and Italy, and some dating back to a few centuries are held
or have been exhibited in glass museums worldwide. In each one,
you would find a variety of hand made pendants representing the instruments used for the crucifixion



of Christ along with other biblical symbolic things thrown in for good measure. The pendants would be suspended from glass ampoules and submerged in ‘holy’ water. The bottles were then sealed (lampworked) at the top and given to pilgrims worshipping black maddona statues.

My passion bottles and the jumper, for the sake of brevity, may be read alongside the drawings in terms my felt ‘indebtedness’ towards ‘surrogate’ influences, or better yet, influenzas.

Finally, in the donations box I would encourage money to be donated. I think all profits go to the panj’.

* In the mid-90’s, the late Tupac Shakur, legend and rap icon, created a unique drink: ‘Thug Passion’. He even dedicated a song in commemoration of this new drink, which started with these lyrics: “Aight, new drink. One

part Alizé, one part Cristal, Thug Passion, baby, y’all know what time it is. This drink is guaranteed to get the pussy wet and the dick hard!”.